Muffin Pan Breakfast Sandwiches (AKA, how to feed a hoard of hungry teenagers a healthy, real food breakfast)

Zach and I had 20 teenagers over to our apartment on Friday for breakfast. (GASP! SHOCK! THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!)

I assure you that, despite this being a seemingly difficult challenge on the surface, we had an extremely fun and pleasant time with very little stress- mostly due to these easy, delicious, and healthy Muffin Pan Breakfast Sandwiches! Which, just to be clear, are perfect not only for feeding a hoard of hungry teenagers for breakfast, but also for brunch parties, an easy family breakfast, or to make breakfast sandwiches for just yourself in bulk for the entire week.

Muffin Pan Breakfast Sandwiches 3

Let’s back up a minute. You may be asking yourself. “Why? WHY?! Why in God’s name would you WILLINGLY have 20 teenagers over to your house?!” Let me explain. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that Zach and I are both high school teachers. (He teaches Biology, I teach art. At the same school! Right across the hall from each other! It’s extremely convenient.) Out school has advisory groups, and each of us has advised a group of ten students since they were freshmen. It’s their senior year now, and as a last hurrah, we wanted to throw us all a little party to celebrate. 

And boy, do we love these students. We’ve seen them grow and develop from children to adults. They’ve seen Zach and I meet, date, fall in love, and get married (we met during their freshman year- they knew we were dating before we did! Kids can be very intuitive.) We’ve seen them every single day at school for four years. Our lives are certainly going to be different without them in them, but we are so excited that they are moving on to the next, exciting phase of their lives! Making them breakfast was the least we could do to celebrate the end of an era :-)

advisory selfies

That, and taking lots of selfies. Obviously.

Now, back to these breakfast sandwiches.

Here’s the basic gist. You bake eggs in a muffin tin until they are cooked in perfect circles- ideal for adding to an english muffin or small bagel. While the eggs are baking, cook up some bacon, sausage, or other breakfast meats, and arrange some cheese and sliced veggies, avocado, hot sauce, ketchup, or whatever else you want to add to the sandwiches.

To make the eggs, first grease the cups of the muffin pan with butter or olive oil (I used a 24-cup muffin pan, but the recipe below is for a 12-cup pan). Then, crack an egg into each cup. Now, you have some options.

Muffin Pan Breakfast Sandwiches 1

In my classroom, I often break tasks down into “mild, medium, and spicy” versions in order to differentiate (easy, intermediate, advanced). Here are the mild, medium, and spicy versions of these eggs, depending on your preference:…

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