15 Minute Egg Drop Soup (better than take-out!)

Zach and I have a lot to celebrate!

As of 11:50am yesterday, Zach and I have a new baby nephew, Ivan James (welcome to the world, baby Ivan!). We’ve also been blessed with what we have been calling a “surprise weekend”- two whole days off of work due to this crazy blizzard we are having. What is it about monumental life events and being cooped up inside during a snowstorm that makes you want Chinese take-out? …just me? Regardless, the craving hit both of us HARD last night.

But, no matter how badly we wanted Chinese take-out, we simply could not have it last night. On account of this whole “state of emergency” thing. On account of the blizzard with hurricane-force winds. I mean, I guess that’s legit.

So, I brought Chinese take-out to us with an amazingly easy recipe for egg drop soup!

egg drop soup 1

Holy moly. This is TASTY. It’s much more delicious than take-out, and healthier, too. Did you know that most Chinese restaurants add yellow food coloring to their egg drop soup to give it that rich yellow color? (Do you also know that artificial dyes are considered toxic and can have many negative side effects? Europe has actually banned many of them from their foods!) And that there is probably MSG in the egg drop soup from your favorite take-out place? 

If you can make your favorite restaurant foods at home, they are almost always guaranteed to be healthier, since you are in control of what ingredients you choose to add and not add. And this soup is no exception. (On that note, you should try making Olive Garden’s Zuppa Toscana at home.)

Did I mention this soup takes only 15 minutes to make?! And, it uses many ingredients you already have at home….

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Chicken and Corn Enchilada Casserole 2

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Spinach Tomato and Feta Quiche1

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